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Types Of Ads You Display

December 20, 2010 by Costs Per Action  
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There are a variety of ads you’ll be offered for each product. Select the one you feel works best with your website, and is the least obtrusive.

Types of ads usually fall into these categories:




Pay Per Click (PPC)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Text Links

With banners, text links and PPC, you have the option of starting out by just merely inserting them in relevant content on a web page. However, the more you do to encourage people to click on them, the better. This does
not mean asking people to click on the ads! In fact, whatever you do,
don’t allow friends and relatives to repeatedly click on your ads – it will be noticed, and you will be penalized.

The best way to encourage click through is to make clicking on your ads seem like a natural step when your interested reader explores your page. That’s where those targeted blog posts come in and highly relevant offers come in.

Darren Williger's SEO Wheel for Effective Search Engine Mastery

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