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Choosing the Right CPA offer

December 20, 2010 by Costs Per Action  
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Part of this involves finding good keywords for the offers you are interested in promoting. Another essential step is to join as many CPA networks as you can handle. If you do this, one of the things you’ll likely notice straight away is that the same offers show up on other networks.

This is a good thing – it’s where diversity benefits you. It allows you to compare the various forms of compensation offered by competing networks. Do you want more points on Network A? Choose that version of the offer. Would you rather have the cash? Choose Network B. Jumping in and “swimming” with more than one network will quickly help you get a feel for CPA marketing faster than any other tactic.

There are certain types of offers that convert so much more efficiently than others, it’s worth mentioning them: Debt relief, insurance, loans and credit. These are the easiest categories to start with, because they are simple zip code and email address submissions. However, what makes them

a good place to start for the newbie: Their payout and reward rate is usually
higher than any other zip or email category.

To get people to click on text link ads and enter zip codes, it’s important to have that quality content we keep talking about on your blog – content that will encourage your reader to think of inputting his zip code as a logical next step. He clicks because he trusts your content. It doesn’t feel “fly by night” or “empty”.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes, for a moment: He’s shopping around for insurance. He’s getting frustrated because he lives in Vancouver, B.C., and all the results seem to be for U.S. insurance. So he inputs “Canadian insurance quotes” into Google search, and finds your top-ranking site, “”. This is what the page he opens up looks like:

It’s not hard to set up a blog with real content like our fictional example, above. Notice how the colors blend and balance, so that nothing is jumping out and screaming at you. The link to the gas card giveaway looks like just another interesting part of the site, and doesn’t feel like a “scam” because it’s totally relevant to the subject (cars).

The postal code capture box looks as if it’s just going to give you a really handy Canadian quote comparison. And you’ve been reassured by the “checklist”, which is there to help you.

You might click on the red underlined text link, “insurance rates” just to see if there’s some information in that link that’s a little more focused…

Now, suppose instead we had stuffed our fictional site with totally irrelevant ads, and done our best to make sure they stood out, giving no thought to the content… Women are likely to be offended by the “hot new singles” ad. Most men looking for car insurance want car insurance, even if “hot” girls aren’t a displeasing idea generally. They’re certainly not going to trust a flashing ad (our ad flashes, by the way; you just can’t see it, in print.) And if they’re looking for frugal rates on car insurance, they’re not going to bother with “Vegas Lotto”. In fact, that particular ad is probably going to just “not register”.

In short, nothing about this site, including the generic and meaningless text, invites the reader to consider it a high-quality “authority” site – or click on the links.

I can tell you to “fill your blog with relevant content” and talk about blending in till the cows come home, but actually showing you how to create a blog site and how not to is probably a better way to give you a feel for what this translates to, in the real world.

When you are first starting out, filling out applications for CPA networks, select:

? Text Links

Darren Williger's SEO Wheel for Effective Search Engine Mastery

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