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Elton John - “Durban Deep” from Sleeping with The Past (1989)

This song is the very first memory of music I have. That guitar riff is one of those things that’s just completely scratched into my memory. Its dramatic, repetitive beat was the strangest sound my five-year-old brain had ever.

I have such a clear memory of my dad putting this album on when he got home from work to relax. He had just purchased his very CD player when this album came out and he was so proud of it. My younger brother and I would dance and horse around while we listened to the song, which inevitably made the CD skip. My dad would get annoyed, but we didn’t care.

My parents are life-long Elton John fans so this was probably just one more album of his they purchased. I’m not even sure they know how important the album is to me. I didn’t really either until a couple of years ago when I spotted it at my parents house and put it on. All of those little details that I had forgotten about came rushing back. To be honest it isn’t one of John’s more memorable albums. It did well when it was released, but like a lot of his albums from this period, it hasn’t had much staying power. I guess it’s just funny to think that almost every album is someone’s first album. This one’s mine.

With all this in mind I’m going to review every track on the album over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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